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What is space clearing?

Space clearing clears out stagnant and burdensome energies in your home to give momentum to your personal development. After all, spatial clarity is inner clarity.

How can space clearing help me?

Space clearing can help you in any aspect of your life where you feel blocked or burdened: in your job, in your personal life, and in your home.

Space clearing is based on a tradition dating back thousands of years

Space clearing opens your awareness to invisible energies. It can help you to create from the power within you. It clears inner blockages, thus leading to clarity and to your goals.

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  • What Is Space Clearing?

    Space clearing is a way to clear out and revitalize the energy in your home. It provides clarity and order. During a space clearing ceremony, the subtle energies in your home are purified, cleared, and revitalized.

    Every event leaves an invisible mark on a space or room that lingers as fine energetic vibrations. Since we are in a state of constant resonance with our surroundings, this energetic debris also has an impact on us. This explains why we feel uncomfortable in certain homes or places. During space clearing, rooms, apartments, houses, and offices are cleared of interfering energies and revitalized, and the existing energy qualities in the spaces are energetically cleared and neutralized. The consecration at the end of the ceremony instills higher frequencies in the space, thus lifting the energy in the room and giving it a clear and harmonious atmosphere.

    Apart from our bodies, our invisible thoughts, emotions, and experiences are always with us in any space that we occupy. These energies can be very burdening without us even realizing it. All too often the invisible obstacles and blockages are what prevent us from moving forward in our lives or keep us from feeling comfortable in a room or situation. Space clearing identifies these blockages. This can refer to applying the art of feng shui to the living space or can also involve any other aspect of one’s personal life: our relationships, our working environment, our particular living conditions. Sometimes we feel like it is impossible to continue living the same way. This might be because we have lost a person who was close to us. Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be anything blocking us, but we still feel stuck in certain areas of our lives. Space clearing is one of the most effective methods for clearing these blockages and arranging the energies around us so that our lives flows well and moves us forward – instead of holding us captive.

    Space clearing is recommended as a complement to a feng shui or clutter-clearing consultation and is an excellent way to prepare for a new phase in your life, changes in your personal life or career, or to bring closure to a difficult time or period of illness.

    Karen Kingston – space clearing, clutter clearing, and feng shui
  • Karen Kingston – Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing and Feng Shui

    When dealing with the topic of space clearing, you will inevitably come across the name of Karen Kingston. She is the founder of The Karen Kingston School of Space Clearing in Cheltenham, UK. Her works Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui and Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui have long been considered required reading on the topics of feng shui, clutter clearing, and space clearing. Space clearing is the art of clearing, revitalizing, and consecrating a space and stands for the art of clearing and revitalizing energies and buildings. According to Karen Kingston, the world’s leading expert on space clearing –- a special form of feng shui: feng shui is the art of balancing and harmonizing the flows of energy in a space to maximize the potential for those who use it.

    A space clearing ceremony can have far-reaching effects. Old blockages are cleared, at the same time freeing up room for new energies that previously did not have access to the space. Karen Kingston says that there are three main reasons for disturbed energy flows in a room: physical debris, the energy of previous occupants, and clutter. With a space clearing ceremony, you will be supported in gaining new momentum for your life. Everything burdening you will be tidied up. Your relationships – whether personal or professional – will experience a new surge of energy, new drive, and new enthusiasm.
    Karen Kingston also talks about consecration in the context of space clearing. A space clearing ceremony consecrates the house or building where it is held. It thus is no coincidence that her second book, first published in 1996, is entitled Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui. The bestseller has been translated into 25 languages and has sold over 1.5 million copies.

    Create sacred space with feng shui. Karen Kingston has also influenced and inspired the work of Annette Kurtz. Annette Kurtz completed the rigorous Space Clearing Practitioner Training with Karen Kingston in 2006. For over ten years, Annette Kurtz has been practicing in the areas of space clearing, clutter clearing, and feng shui with tremendous enthusiasm and a deep sense of connectedness and gratitude. Annette Kurtz is one of five globally active and certified space-clearing practitioners trained by The Karen Kingston School of Space Clearing in the UK.
    Karen Kingston has devoted over 30 years of her life to the art of feng shui. Feng shui can be translated as “wind and water” and is a millennia-old Chinese tradition that was first used in China over 3,000 years ago. Feng shui has to do with harmoniously and consciously living together with Mother Earth and achieving the highest quality of life for all people. It is the art of balance, harmonization, and increasing the natural flows of energy. Since this energy permeates all things, this age-old art can be applied to every aspect of our lives.

    Space clearing expert and bestselling author Karen Kingston spent twenty years living in Bali. Our ancestors knew and understood the language of invisible energy flows quite well. In some cultures, like in Bali, for example, this knowledge still exists and is practiced each day by the people who live there. The people in Bali live in harmony with the physical, visible world as well as with the hidden world of invisible energies. In her books, Karen Kingston describes how the daily sacrifices to the house shrines and the wonderful, highly developed ceremonies in the island’s 20,000 temples ensure that balance and harmony are preserved on the entire island. In 2010, Karen Kingston returned to her home country of England and released an updated, expanded version of her standard work Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui as an e-book in 2011.

    In what areas of your life can space clearing, clutter clearing, and feng shui help?
  • In What Areas of Your Life Can Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing, and Feng Shui Help?

    My clients come to me with all kinds of situations. Often their focus is on personal and professional areas of their lives or they are going through phases of their lives accompanied by major changes: family problems, career challenges, internal imbalance, or an upcoming move. In all of these cases, space clearing, clutter clearing, or feng shui can provide the necessary momentum.

    Everything is interconnected. When a life-changing event occurs – a separation, a move, a job loss, or even the death of a loved one – space clearing can help to restore inner balance. Sometimes it is necessary to break old ties and habits before something new can come into our lives. 
A typical symptom of our times is that we have more on our plates than we can handle: a demanding job, a constant lack of time, expecting too much of ourselves. Lots of things end up getting neglected. When we also have old, stagnant energies in our environments, in most cases even from predecessors, then our everyday lives can become stuck. Space clearing, clutter clearing, and feng shui can bring clarity into both in the personal and professional areas of one’s life. There are countless stories that attest to the success of a space-clearing ceremony for clearing blockages in clients’ families as well as in their personal or professional lives. Everything is in relation to everything; everyone is in relation to everyone. The clearer the relationships are, the more harmoniously energy will flow. An untidy home reflects an untidy inner life. And vice versa.

    Space clearing, clutter clearing, and feng shui can be helpful in these areas of life:
    Family and relationships: harmonizing relationships and areas in one’s life, a new phase in life, a growing family, parent-child relationships, patchwork families // Love and romance: a new relationship, taking a relationship to a deeper level, the desire for a partner, moving in together, a new phase in life // Real estate – house and home: moving, moving in, moving out, clearing the energy of the previous resident, grounding energy in the home, clutter, revitalizing the energy field, changing tenants, preparing a property to be sold, speeding up the selling process of a property, clearing fragments, getting rid of apparitions, the sale or purchase of real estate, renting/leasing houses and apartments // Personal development: change, self-discovery, self-realization, creative phases, spiritual journey, clarity, process support, change processes, further development, transformation catalyst, healing // A new start – professionally and personally: professional reorientation, returning to the workforce, continuing education, professional development, company changes or transitions, support with change processes, developing one’s potential, working women // Business: new business premises, start-ups, corporate development, growing teams, building teams, new business ideas, growing sales, starting a company, company relocation, management in times of change, facilitating change, change management – accompanying and supporting companies and decision-makers // Health: bringing closure to a period of illness, supporting alternative therapies, support during an illness, relieving stress, relaxation, regeneration // Private practices and therapeutic spaces: opening a practice, new practice spaces, creating a light and cheerful atmosphere, clearing practices and group rooms, creating a harmonious space, lifting and clearing the stagnant energy of a room // Closure: separation, death, divorce, grief, mourning, loss, crisis, new beginnings, moving on, losing friends, end of a career, preparing rooms for the sick or dying (before and after), energetic clearing // Living with pets: problems with cats and dogs, behavioral problems in pets, problems living together with animals, adding a new pet to the household

    Options and pricing for space clearing, clutter clearing, and feng shui consultations
  • My Options and Pricing for Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing, and Feng Shui Consultations in Homes and Offices

    The scope of services for my consultations includes clutter clearing, space clearing, and feng shui (in homes and offices).
    Although everything is interconnected, sometimes we will only want to address part of the entire spectrum. As we work together, we will quickly identify and clear the disruptive energies.

    Half a day of clutter clearing might be enough to add momentum to your everyday life. If so, then my Kick-Start consultation will be right for you. Depending on your needs, I am also happy to spend two full days working with you so that blockages can be removed, you can get in harmony with the energies in your surroundings, and everything in your life can start flowing again.

    How much does a space clearing, clutter clearing, or feng shui consultation cost? That depends on what I can do for you. My Kick-Start consultation is a three-hour session and costs $ 397 plus travel expenses. An entire day for your personal Breakthrough is available for $ 797 plus travel expenses. I also offer a space clearing consultation to re-set the energy in your homeuse to make for your life to flow well. The fees are based on the square footage of your home plus travel expenses. My deluxe package combines all that I offer in a personalized 2 two-day consultation: clutter clearing, space clearing and feng shui.

    My consultations are always tailored to your individual needs. That is why for more extensive sessions I create an individual quote for every customer based on their requests. The price is based on the scope of your needs and the size of your space. Please call me for more information!

    Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui
  • Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui

    The extent to which our surroundings influence our emotional state often only becomes clear to us when we begin to grapple with it. Everything that surrounds us is full of life, and this life generates energetic fields that have an effect on us. If we feel restless or blocked, this could be due to a disrupted flow of these energies.

    Feng shui is the teaching of the harmonious and conscious coexistence of all people and things. The central approach is pulsing energy, frequently known as qi (chi). When this energy can move freely without interruption, the highest quality of life can move in. Our homes are thus a reflection of our spirit. This has a reciprocal effect. If we are not doing well, this will be reflected in our environment. If the natural flow of energy is disrupted in our environment, then this can affect our spirit. Residential spaces that observeing the furniture placement according to the principles of feng shui provide visible harmony and inner peace. Space clearing thus always follows the intuitive teachings of this millennia-old philosophy. After all, harmony can only be created once all elements are in synergy with one another.

    Space clearing, a special form of feng shui, provides new momentum for what can take place in a space. It releases energies. Buildings or spaces are consecrated in festive ceremonies to create sacred spaces that are in harmony with the rhythm of all elements. In a setting of complete peace and contemplation, human and space come together.

    What is clutter clearing?
  • What Is Clutter Clearing?

    Clutter clearing is the material version of space clearing, so to speak. It has to do with very specific things like untidiness, chaos, and disorder. All of these visible disruptive factors tie up the power and energies that keep you from moving forward in life. But they happen to be where they are for specific reasons.

    Annette Kurtz engages in a conversation with you to uncover these reasons. Usually, the disorder has to do with specific events in the past. Unconsciously, but visibly, this has allowed chaos to build up around you. During clutter clearing, you learn to let go of this stuff. After a clutter-clearing ceremony, you will literally feel a sense of relief and feel lighter.

    Clutter can be defined as junk, disorder, or confusion. In the context of space clearing, clutter refers to everything that has been surrounding us for a long time, even if we no longer perceive it. The clutter is frequently items from the past that consciously or unconsciously remind us of something that ended a long time ago. It is usually associated with pent-up emotions, outdated ways of thinking, or deeply ingrained thought patterns. It is then that these things – without our noticing – have a tremendous influence on our well-being. They tie up our vital energy, hold us back, and impede our personal development, and keep us from creating space for the things that matter most to us and from moving joyously ahead with our lives.

    The visible, material disorder or clutter that we perceive around us can almost always be transferred to our inner emotional state. The greater the chaos is around us, the more difficult it is to find inner balance. Clutter causes many clients to feel overwhelmed and to experience with clutter a sense of overwhelm, shame, frustration, tiredness, exhaustion, and lack of flow and harmony. If we are able to get rid of the chaos around us, then we will also be able to restore our inner clarity.

    Clutter clearing is a good way to prepare for a space clearing consultation. In working with my clients I help my clients to uncover what is holding them back and what blocks the flow in their lives. This leads to a realization that was not previously possible and triggers a transformation. By gaining a completely new perspective on their own situation, my clients are able to find a new path to inner harmony and manifest lasting change.

    About Annette Kurtz – space clearing, clutter clearing, and feng shui
  • About Annette Kurtz – Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing, and Feng Shui

    My very personal experience of trying to strike a balance between the international business world and a desire for inner harmony has made me the person I am today. Despite enjoying success in my career, I always felt like something was missing. It was this feeling that led me to travel to Indonesia many years ago. There I experienced a revelation and began to study traditional cultures of the Far East.

    I trained under various instructors – experiences that opened my consciousness in a way that allows me to help others. Karen Kingston, with whom I completed the rigorous Space Clearing Practitioner Training in 2006, has shaped and significantly influenced my work. Today I am one of five globally active and certified consultants with the privilege to use the title Space Clearing Practitioner from The Karen Kingston School of Space Clearing in the UK.

    For over ten years I have been offering space-clearing, clutter-clearing, and feng shui consultations and have accompanied over 345 clients from completely different walks and traits of life and various cultural backgrounds ― both personally and professionally, with partners and families, as well as in entirely business settings.

    My clients come from very different backgrounds, covering all industries and dispositions: from families to corporate executives, to naturopaths, osteopaths and even stockbrokers. I have worked in well over 108 cities, have clients in 11 different countries, in 16 US states, and on four continents.
    I would be delighted to count you among my clients very soon.

    Annette Kurtz – space clearing, clutter clearing and feng shui – what my clients have to say
  • Annette Kurtz – Space Clearing and Feng Shui – What My Clients Have to Say

    When has a space clearing consultation and ceremony been meaningful for my clients? Read here to find out the areas where space clearing, feng shui, and clutter clearing have been beneficial for my clients.
The issues are diverse and completely different. Here are a few examples:

    Using space clearing to support change processes /// Space clearing before opening a business /// After a partner has moved out /// In personal spaces where someone was sick for a long time or died /// Before renovating a house /// Space clearing for a new love /// For a housewarming /// Space clearing for a new home /// In a place where everything seems to be going wrong /// Space clearing after an argument /// After a divorce /// Ending or changing difficult life situations /// After a separation /// Space clearing during and after failure in one’s career /// Space clearing after a renovation /// Space clearing when making a fresh start /// After a legal dispute /// Space clearing when moving into a new business location /// Before a move ― Wrapping up and letting go from the old apartment/house and clearing predecessor’ the energy of a previous occupant in a new property /// Space clearing in places where an accident happened /// Space clearing when moving into a new apartment or house /// Before tearing down a building (express gratitude and farewell) /// Space clearing after a long, difficult illness /// For personal and professional crisis situations /// Space clearing after losing a loved one /// Grieving /// For better communication in personal and professional contexts /// Space clearing for houses and apartments with a strange aura /// Space clearing to support clutter clearing /// Space clearing to improve feng shui /// Space clearing after a phase of disputes and arguments /// To foster a conscious lifestyle /// Space clearing for relationship issues in families, with couples, in patchwork families, in job and work environments, in companies /// Space clearing for private practices of medical professionals, coaching consultants, psychologists, naturopaths who provide therapeutic services ― this can release their patients’ negative feelings (rage, anger, guilt, emotional trauma) in waiting and treatment rooms and instill a higher level of energy in these spaces /// Space clearing to improve therapeutic success /// To improve health and emotional issues /// Space clearing to generate more sales /// Space clearing when a property has trouble selling /// Space clearing to lease an apartment to a new tenant /// Space clearing for success

    Current events and dates for consultations, seminars, and presentations by Annette Kurtz – space clearing, clutter clearing and feng shui can be found on the blog
  • Current Events and Dates for Consultations, Seminars, and Presentations by Annette Kurtz – Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing and Feng Shui Can Be Found on the Blog

    My consultations keep me on the go and allow me to encounter many different kinds of people, environments, and challenges. Of course, I get to have many interesting experiences. Every single meeting with my clients is a story in and of itself and is humbling, sometimes touching and often very enriching. I write about this and many other topics, realizations, and news on my blog.

    Perhaps my travels will one day allow us to meet in person. I publish all of my dates for consultations and events on my blog. This way you can quickly find out when I will be near you. Take advantage of the opportunity and call me so that we can meet. If you don’t can’t find your location on my travel agenda, contact me, – no place is too far to travel!

    As you can see, it’s always a good idea to check my blog. Whenever there is something new, if I come across an interesting topic, or if I have had a special experience that might be relevant and of interest to you, I will share it with you there.

    About Annette Kurtz – Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing and Feng Shui