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June 16-24th, 2019
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A turning point!

Just around Thanksgiving I received a beautiful e-mail from one of my clients in Florida. The space clearing I did for her two years ago totally changed her life. Her house was neat and tidy with not too many superfluous items around. You wouldn’t say this home has visible clutter. The type of clutter I sensed was that of some unfinished business. It turned out that my client’s regular health check-up was overdue and she was overly worried about her health. Her fitness at this time had hit a low point and at the end of the consultation we put an action plan into place. With the renewed sense of lightness after the space clearing ceremony in her house and herself, she was very motivated and became pro-active.

I have her permission and love to share her feedback with you: “All is well here. I think of you often and always when I am bouncing on the trampoline that you recommended getting. By using it regularly (for twenty 20 minutes at 6 a.m. every day) I have really activated my lymphatic system and have been able to get rid of a lot of problems including arthritis and skin problems. It is nice to experience this lovely feeling of well-being all day long. The days are productive and then the sleep at night is just amazing.” All I can say as her space clearer is: THANK YOU! You have changed your life by taking action. I am so pleased and happy for you!

My experience shows that clients who follow up by making suggested changes soon after the space clearing receive the best results – for many, a long awaited turning point! Avenues open up, opportunities unfold and blockages open. A great way for improvement is to want change, make a plan and take action. Space clearing is like a gentle kick in the butt. All I can say is: You are welcome! :)