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Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing & Feng Shui Consultations

Nov 16-23th, 2019

Personal and business consultations.
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Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing & Feng Shui Consultations

Dec 01-05th, 2019
Personal and business consultations.
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Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing & Feng Shui Consultations

Dec 06-12th, 2019
Personal and business bookings.
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TV-Show – Clutter Clearing

Watch in this TV Show how I am guiding two clients through the whole clutter clearing process from start to finish. The results will amaze you!TV-Show - Watch here

Your Home is your castle

Dante is a black cat and came to my client 18 years ago on Halloween. My client needed to travel for business and hired a cat sitter to care for Dante.Read more

Destination Books

I recently came across a color-sorted library in NYC. All books in the household are sorted according to the color of their spine. A lovely sight!Read more

Beyond the veil

A client has just acquired an exquisite two-bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan...Read more

A turning point!

Just around Thanksgiving I received a beautiful e-mail from one of my clients in Florida...Read more

Territorial Scottie Dog

Mr. Phil lives in a beautiful house in Virginia surrounded by deciduous woodland. The house was built 23 years ago near a site where the American Civil War took place back in 1865...Read more

Bytes in the wall

During my recent space clearing trip to the East Coast many of my clients wanted to have a space clearing ceremony to remove the predecessor energy left behind...Read more

Animal Communication & Clutter Clearing

Spend an evening with Sharon and Annette...Read more

Top Five Tips To Clear Your Closet

Join this free talk and receive top tips how clearing your closet moves you forward in your life.Read more

Hit Repeat

Singapore was my home for several years and in March 2011 I visited this tropical island nation for the last time. The majority of my clients on this trip have booked a space clearing with me repeatedly...Read more

Space Clearing for Love

My client has asked me for a space clearing consultation as she is looking for new love in her life....Read more