Annette Kurtz – About Me

I attended some of the best schools in the world training for my future.
After that I spent years in the international business world trying to strike a balance with my work and the desire for inner harmony. This desire led me to study the traditional cultures of the Far East where I gained invaluable experience for my current work as a practitioner and consultant of space clearing, feng shui and clutter clearing. My Services >>

  • Annette Kurtz as seen on TV
    Watch in this TV show the overwhelming effect clutter has and how it keeps you stuck in the past and how liberating it is to finally let go of clutter and move on with your life. Read more

    TV-Show – Clutter Clearing

    Clearing clutter allows you to restore functionality and beauty to a space. You remove the feeling of being overwhelmed and the stress so often related with clutter. Many people ignore their clutter because they don’t know how to get started and wish it would just go away. But it doesn’t. They feel totally stuck. Watch in this show how I help my clients overcome their procrastination and guide them along the way. Experience with them the energizing effect of decluttering and the joy and liberation clutter clearing brings to their life. TV-Show – Watch here

  • Annette Kurtz in Figures
    Quite a lot has happened during my 14 years as a space clearing, clutter clearing and feng shui consultant. Read more

    2003 - 2017 | Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing and Feng Shui Consultations

    • 345 clients with their partners and families
    • 33 different types of business owners and therapists
    • 528,000 square feet of homes and businesses
    • 108+ cities, 11 countries, 16 US states, 4 continents
    • Worldwide 1 of only 5 active and certified space-clearing practitioners from the Karen Kingston School of Space Clearing, UK
  • My Clients
    This overview of industries and business areas shows just how broad my spectrum of clients is. Read more

    2003 - 2017 | Consulting 33 different types of business owners and therapists - over 52,000 square feet


    Acupuncturist Practice
    Animal Naturopathic Clinic
    Artist Management Agency


    Building Biology & Ecology Institute


    Commercial Bank


    Emotional Healing Practice
    Energetic Healing
    Executive Coaching


    Fashion magazine
    Fashion wholesale company
    Financial Trading Company


    Glass Artist


    Home Offices


    International School


    Jewelry Workshop


    Marketing & Advertising Consultancy
    Massage Therapist
    Medical Clinic
    Mineral Cosmetic Manufacturer
    Montessori School


    Naturopathic Clinic


    Office Supplies
    Osteopath Practice


    Photo Studio
    Physical Therapy
    Psycho Therapy


    Raw Food Studio


    Tea Company
    Telecommunications Company
    Telepathic Animal Communication


    Wellness Clinic
    Wine Import
  • Certificates - Annette Kurtz
    Since 1990, I have never stopped learning. Read more


    Space Clearing Practitioner Level II, initiated by Karen Kingston
    Karen Kingston School of Clutter Clearing. Malvern, UK


    Clutter Clearing Practitioner trained by Karen Kingston
    Karen Kingston School of Clutter Clearing. Malvern, UK



    Real Estate License
    Key Realty School. Las Vegas, NV, USA


    Grief Recovery Certification Training
    The Grief Recovery Institute Sherman Oaks, CA, USA


    Space Clearing Practitioner trained by Karen Kingston
    Space Clearing International. Bali, Indonesia


    BBEI Building Biology Environmental Inspector
    International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology. Clearwater, FL, USA


    Feng Shui Practitioner Advanced Practitioner Course
    Raymond Lo School of Feng Shui and Destiny

    Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China


    Feng Shui Practitioner Training Program
    Raymond Lo School of Feng Shui and Destiny

    Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China


    MBA (with distinction) Executive M.B.A. Program
    University of Bradford, Bradford, UK


    Bachelor of Arts (BA), Diplom-Betriebswirt (BA)
    Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Sources of Inspiration
    I am grateful to these masters and instructors who have had a major impact on my career. Read more

    Grandmaster Raymond Lo

    Founder of Raymond Lo School of Feng Shui and Destiny. Hong Kong, People's Republic of China. Special thank you to Grandmaster Lo for unlocking the doors to the Chinese mysteries of enhancing the flow of Chi. His fascinating training in Feng Shui, the ancient art of I-Ching divination and the Four Pillars of Destiny.

    Karen Kingston

    International bestselling author, leading authority and pioneer in space clearing, a specialized branch of Feng Shui. Founder of the Karen Kingston School of Space Clearing. Cheltenham, UK. A heartfelt thank you to Karen for her immensely inspiring and life changing training in space clearing and clutter clearing. Living its principles is living an enthusing life-style.

    Samuel Sagan

    Founder of the Clairvision School of Meditation. Sydney, Australia. I am ever so grateful to Samuel for passing me his rich teachings in meditation and Inner Space Techniques, which are deeply transforming my body of energy. His profound maxim "See for yourself - Know for yourself" has me dive into the mysteries of inner worlds and puts me onto a quest for awakening.

    Otmar Jenner

    Founder of "Zentrum fuer Spirituelle Genesungskunde". Berlin, Germany. Sincere thanks to Otmar for his introduction into the world of spiritual healing. The way he is passing his abilities with clarity and humility are a wonderful guide for me.

    Helmut Ziehe

    Founder of the International Institute for Bau-Biologie and Ecology. Clearwater, USA. A big thank you to Helmut, a visionary in Building Biology, for his training in building biology and the ecology of buildings. I am thankful for his education in the importance of creating healthy buildings and living environments.

    Thanks also to these people

    I have had many encounters with executives in the corporate world of finance and banking. These are not teachers in the common meaning of the term but they left a lasting imprint on me, the way I live my live and interact with my clients. I gained a lot of soft skills about people communication, intercultural competence, the art of negotiation and strategic business tactics, leadership, team spirit and ethical business conduct. Special thanks to Dr. Paul Wick, Hans-Juergen Schnell, Mitsunori Maezawa, Kurt Schaefer, Rahul Gupta and Dr. Kai-Uwe Seidenfuss.