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Space Clearing Expert

Hi, I studied the Art of Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Meditation for over 20 years.
Being a global citizen, I have moved home over 30 times and offices on over 21 occasions in Europe, Asia and the US. As a former global finance executive I know what it takes to leave the comfort of home, arrive in an unfamiliar environment and feel at home again. Over many years I have studied and practiced how my home is the ultimate transformation tool to change my life, manifest opportunities and support my spiritual journey. 
I clear the energy in your home to awaken its manifesting potential so its energized flow supports your life. If you are reading this you notice the energy in your home feels probably tired, strange or doesn’t support you enough?



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different types of business owners and therapists


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Flower at Home

My Approach

The biggest compliments I get are for a humorous, no-nonsense approach paired with clarity. My methods are tradition based, experience backed and intuitively guided. My personality is energetic, enthusiastic and empathetic. My clients come from all walks and traits of life and feel encouraged and empowered.

Every client is unique and so is my approach.

Space Clearing Expert

Amazing results my clients experienced after space clearing:

  • Received $30,000 movie grant
  • Promoted to Finance Top Executive
  • Feeling at home again after stressful divorce
  • Started new life after loss of loved one
  • Found a loving partner
  • Manifested dream home in difficult real estate market
  • Won design contract with Fortune 500 company
  • Deeply resting after months of sleepless nights
  • Writers block dissolved for good
  • Ghostly Appearances took leave and peace is restored
  • Gained clarity to sell home
  • Dog stopped peeing and barking frenzy in home
Clutter Clearing Certification
Space Clearing Certification
Annette's Space Clearing Certification by Karen Kingston

Happy staff in busy restaurant after space clearing

Annette Kurtz cleared my restaurant, and I am very happy she did so.

Since her clearing our business has improved significantly, and my staff are more relaxed in a very busy environment. The clearing helped to create a wonderful space for our customers and staff to occupy. Particularly since the restaurant has been in continuous operation since the early 1940’s; there was a lot to clear. I recommend Annette highly.

Shares Keith

Owner from North Bend, WA.

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