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Video Testimonial Stephanie Woo


“Thanks so much for a wonderful class experience. I really appreciated how interactive it was, and how you made everyone feel seen, heard, and held in the class. When I made the changes in my studio room, I felt a shift immediately . . almost intimidatingly so, as now it felt like a real high-level work space! Also, I love the way you encouraged us to be aware of our environment outside of our home, and to include that in the way we create our spaces. I would definitely recommend this class to a friend.”

Mark Bonder


“We were devastated when the sellers of our dream home suddenly pulled out of the deal. I immediately reached out to Annette. With her Feng Shui guidance, I paid attention to what was happening in the place we had rented short-term. And guess what? Soon after, the sellers came back to the negotiation table. Fast forward 4 months we are living in the home of our dreams.

Misha Rubin


“Happily, I could see the energy shifting in a positive direction within 24 hours of making the change. I had been contacted by someone in partnership with one of the biggest TV and movie producers in Hollywood.”

Amanda Lauer


“As a broker to some of the biggest megaproducers in the real estate industry, I can confidently state that Harmonize Your Home is perfect for professionals who work from home. Annette’s 52 tips to energize your work from home life are beneficial and practical to implement, aiming to turn space into a place that decreases anxiety and supports mental balance. I highly recommend this book to all top producing business professionals who want to create a streamlined, calm, and therefore, productive environment in which to work and thrive.”

Susan Geer

Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Professionals

“Annette’s procedure was invaluable in helping me visualize and make the changes in my environment that allowed me to speak and train and be productive from home. Her online course is easy to follow and I highly recommend her step-by-step process!”

Pam Leinmiller

Communication and Leadership Speaker

“Your class has influenced us positively and is already showing results. This year has been quite rocky for our business, but somehow we have managed to keep our energy levels high and in mysterious ways resources have been flowing in whenever we needed it…We are extremely grateful!”

Irene Mena

Brand Manager Obra Gris, Costa Rica

Video Testimonial Dennis Homlitas

Video Testimonial Ramona Schlauch 

Video Testimonial Randi & Kim 

Video Testimonial Dr. Howard Chen


Space Clearing Testimonials

Selling Home For Top Dollar

I am writing to tell you that after having my apartment up for two months I sold it…

… and what is better is the fact that I got top dollars for it! Thank you for your feng shui consultation, I could really feel how the apartment felt like a blank canvas so that potential buyers could easily imagine themselves living there rather than feeling the space we had created as a family.


Director, Singapore

Deepening Our Relationship

We had Annette space clear our home about three months ago.

Through this space clearing we became aware of old patterns and the many ways we were avoiding each other within our relationship. Through this awareness we have been able to really open up our communication and bring a richness and closeness to our relationship. Our relationship to each other has moved to a much deeper level. We highly recommend having Annette space clear your home if you wish to deepen the love in your relationship!

M & G

Santa Fe, NM

Making Great Strides Forward

Ever since Annette visited our home and performed the space clearing ceremony for us, huge things have been shifting in our lives.

We knew the ceremony would be powerful, but it has been an amazing experience to observe the energetic changes in our home since the clearing. Both my husband and I have made great strides forward in our careers and our personal development – two of our key intentions for the ceremony, and pieces of the bigger puzzle of life and work keep easily dropping into place. Thank you so much for helping set us on the course for success, Annette!


Owner of Synergy Organizing, Iowa City, IA

Short-Term Holiday Rental Turns Into Wedding Chapel

Annette space cleared the house we rented for our wedding weekend and the effect on the space in the house was striking.

What originally felt like somewhat of a space with little presence, due to the fact that it was a short term holiday rental, was transformed into the perfect venue for our wedding. Annette dramatically changed the space from impersonal and cold into something with so much welcoming warmth and clarity. We are totally grateful for her integrity and her level of care and expertise in helping to land the space that we wanted for our ceremony. It made for such a joyful day and we have much admiration for Annette´s skill in transforming a house of this size (7,600 square feet). We are delighted that she could be a big part of our wedding and we highly recommend her services.

B & M

Boulder, CO

Therapy Space for Well-Being

As an independent coach, Annette performed a space clearing in my practice.

The attentive and colorful ritual took a good three hours and was a lovely experience. I was amazed and touched to feel how rapidly. The atmosphere of the room changed and how long that feeling lasted. I have felt very much at ease and at home in my practice ever since. My clients have given me similar feedback. I particularly appreciated Annette’s empathic, attentive, and clear working method. I would definitely repeat this ritual and can wholeheartedly recommend it. 


Organizational Consultant & Coach, Winterthur, Switzerland

Dramatic Shift In Relationship

Dear Annette, I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful space clearing you did for me back in June. I’ve been putting off writing to you because things continue to shift and change but I thought I would share some of the highlights so far.

Even though my partner M wasn’t there for the ceremony, our relationship has improved dramatically since the space clearing. Sex is better than it has been since the early days, we’re kinder and more generous with each other and there’s a feeling that our relationship is more resilient. We still fight of course, but we make up faster and can drop things more easily. I have much more energy than I did at the time of the clearing and my business is slowly growing and shifting. As you know I’m now renting a new practitioner space which is a BIG step and super exciting. M’s career is growing too, in fact after years of talking about it he finally has enough confidence to quit his job and start his own business. This is huge, I can’t even say. Thank you again. Your insight and vision are remarkable, I feel so lucky that I got to work with you. 


Life & Clutter Coach, IST Practitioner, Toronto, Canada

Removing Predecessor’s Imprints and Stagnancy

We had just bought a new house and wanted it to really feel like ours, not the past owners. So we called you to space clear our home.

You arrived and created such a beautiful space clearing and ceremony with such grace and joy. After our space clearing our new home was glowing with clarity, light and love. We also felt so grounded and connected to each other, our home, and land. Annette, you were so lovely to work with and are a gifted professional in the art of Space Clearing. I highly recommend you for businesses or homes that are not working or are holding stagnant energy. 

Patrick & Grant

Patrick & Grant, Life Coach, Space Clearer, CPIA, Reiki Master and VP Sales and Market Research, Redding, CA

My Spiritual Journey

Thank you for the wonderful feeling of space that you created and for the fun that we had during the ceremony with the harmony balls.

Even after a few months, I can still feel this harmonious energy in my home – it supports and encourages me and provides me with great assistance in my process of self-discovery and on my spiritual path.


Film director, Singapore

Relationship Uniting Experience

Upon meeting Annette and understanding the process, my reluctant husband became fully engaged, and the whole day was an extraordinary, uniting experience for us both.

Space clearing our home had a subtle but powerful, lasting impact on us. We are most appreciative of Annette´s skills, knowledge, and wisdom. She was a joy to spend the day with! 

C & K

Phoenix, AZ

Moving Small Mountains

I felt as if I had been lifted to a higher level.

Since the space clearing, I have a better understanding of myself and am much more stable. Your acute perception of my being really did wonders for me. Our living space is now much more peaceful, brighter, and lighter. This fine spiritual ritual has a deep effect that can move ‘small mountains’, and it has changed our lives.


academic assistant, Munich, germany

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