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HYH Book Tip #48

Complimentary 1:1 Phone Consultation

Does your house feel like someone else’s home? Do you try to ignore the unfinished projects around you and feel tired? Can’t seem to settle and find your own groove? Are you wondering if your life could be better elsewhere?

Are you working from home and like to be in a calm and supportive space? Be motivated, focussed and successful at what you are doing? Perhaps you also want the paperpiles to vanish from your desk. And understand why it is so important where your desk is positioned and that all that you have around you can make or break your success.

Explore in this 30 min complimentary harmonize your home discovery session how you can create more vibrant flow in your home and be energized!

Annette Kurtz Space Clearing

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 Rockstar Success

HYH Book Tip #21

Does Your #WFH Space attract opportunities?
Set your homeoffice up for the rock star success you deserve.

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  • Receive Your 8 Steps to Your #WFH Success.
  • Discover in this 60min consultation how to align your WFH space with your goals to attract opportunities
  • Your #WFH Space dialed in – a place of calm and focus enabling you to be productive, confident and inspired.

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Breakthrough Clutter

HYH BOOK Tip #36

Do you know that unfinished paperwork is the #1 flow stopper at home? Followed by untidy and loveless closets as the #2 fun killer?

More Details
  • 3 Private 60 min 1:1 virtual sessions on Zoom
  • Top 3 Tips to Spruce Up Your Space
  • Discover the Keys to get your mojo back (hint: it’s in your closet)
  • Let go of accumulated tiresome guilt
  • Boost your energy levels


Clutter Clearing – More Decisive and Energetic

What a magic time boxing is!

I managed to clear my clutter much easier and faster. I feel my indecisive tendency has changed so much, I am more active, powerful and energetic.


Tokyo, Japan

Clutter Clearing – Simplifying My Life

Once I got started, I realized clutter clearing wasn’t so difficult and wondered what caused me to put that off for so long?

The disappointments in my life – my difficulty to make decisions and to act. Simplifying my life and letting go of the past is so important! I have also tackled an elephant in the room. A huge weight lifted off my shoulders! 


Ottawa, Canada

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