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Are you feeling distracted and unmotivated while working from home? These tips will transform your #workfromhome from average to extraordinary for increased productivity and success. And truly, #workfromhome can be any space you chose to work from, even during your travels. This book is written with the transient nature of our current environment in mind. Simple and easy to follow. These 52 tips show you how to enhance your flow and with it your motivation and inspiration in any given space.


Find entertaining tips in the “Harmonize Your Home DIY Library”: Tip 7, 24, 41, 42. You can download, play, read and sketch through these tips with a simple click.

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Tip 44: Your Money Luck Cheat Sheet

Looking for a short cut to your #WFH success? Check out these additional resources:
Tip 15: Harmonize Your #WFH Class
Tip 21: Set yourself up for Success – personal session
Tip 31: Clarity Circle – breakthrough biggest #wfh challenge for enhanced clarity
Tip 36: Tame the Papertiger, overcome the paper obstacle – personal session
Tip 48: Book a free 20 min harmonize your home discovery session

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Harmonize Your Home DIY Library Here

Are you a work from home professional? A solopreneur? Are you in a transitional space?
Are you looking to energize your space to elevate productivity and enhance your well-being?
Check out these four links and set your success in motion!


Explore the Lay of the Land

  Learn to navigate your surroundings and go with the flow.  

TIP 24

Setting Up for Success

 Understand how the setup of a room can make or break your success.

TIP 41

Overcome Obstacles

Wittness how letting go of the old clears the path to a better quality of life.

TIP 42

Enhance Your Life using the Bagua

Identify areas of your home in need of change to enhance your life.

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