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Annette Kurtz


A Soul For Your Home –
A Home For Your Soul

I am working at the interface where physical space and spirituality meet. Our consciousness rests on the external, physical space around us. Our homes become an extension of our consciousness, our inner space. Since we #WFH and spend much more time in our homes, a vibrant and clear space is crucial for our well-being.

Are you lacking clarity? Does your house not feel like home?

Are you struggling to connect with your highest potential?

Clarifying and consecrating the physical space around you increases the energetic vibration of your home. This allows your consciousness to rest on an energetically clear and vibrant space to enhance your clarity and unfold your highest potential while working from home.


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Garage Clear Out

Free Online Workshop
Saturday June 10th, 2023

Do you avoid opening your garage so your neighbors can’t see your $tu{f?

Is someone nagging you because the garage is kind of disorganized?

Take your garage back!


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Lets turn that garage from being an annoying obstacle run into a place of pride and peace. Let go of tiresome items that block your flow and receive an instant uplift. Joining a like-minded group is all the more fun!

Spring Clear Your Closet Group

30 Day Closet Uplevel Group
This group is now in progress

Do you own at least 3 clothing pieces that you haven’t worn in a long time causing you guilt and shame because they were too pricey to part with?

Are you saving up your best clothes for someday?


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Discover what message your closet is sending you day by day! Spring clear your closet so you feel energized and elevated first thing in the morning when getting ready for your day! Join in this supportive and motivating group of like-minded peers – you don’t have to do it alone.

  • 4 x interactive 60min small group coaching calls (max 8 participants)
  • One 30min Closet Booster Call 1:1 with Annette
  • Private WhatsApp Group to connect with like-minded participants

My Clutterfree Life

12 Week program Jul – Sep
Summer 2022 registration is open – Starting July 11th

Learn how to use seasonal superpowers to gain successful momentum and live a clutterfree life!

This fun and engaging program is available as VIP Program, too.


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Less stress, more flow. Enjoy more quality time and experience increased inner freedom. Keep up your momentum effortlessly. Stop the old and painful pattern of starting from scratch each time. Be on top of your game and have a bigger impact in your life and that of your community.

  • Group Coaching Calls every month (3 total)
  • Support Calls every month (3 total)
  • Room of the Month Bonus Session every month (3 total)
    July: Garage
    August: Living Room
    September: Entrance
  • Workbook of the Month every month (3 total)
  • Exclusive Member Area

The investment for this entire 12 week program is $397

VIP Program to boost your clutterfree success includes 3 personal 1:1 sessions with Annette for additional $600 (total $997 – limited to 3 people).

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Harmonize Your Home and your Life

Feeling alone with all the challenges #WFH Life brings?

Join the vibrant community and get energized – no need doing it alone. You can

  • Join the free workshop
    (coming up in June: Garage Clear Out)
  • Join the next seasonal group program
  • Be a VIP member of My Clutterfree Life

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Free Online Workshop
Saturday June 10th 8am PST

Garage Clear Out