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A Soul For Your Home –
A Home For Your Soul

I am working at the interface where physical space and spirituality meet. Our consciousness rests on the external, physical space around us. Our homes become an extension of our consciousness, our inner space. Since we #WFH and spend much more time in our homes, a vibrant and clear space is crucial for our well-being.

Are you lacking clarity? Does your house not feel like home?

Are you struggling to connect with your highest potential?

Clarifying and consecrating the physical space around you increases the energetic vibration of your home. This allows your consciousness to rest on an energetically clear and vibrant space to enhance your clarity and unfold your highest potential while working from home and anything else you do in your home, too.


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30 day Online Group Program


What Tidy Up Tuesday is

Tidy Up Tuesday is a small clutter clearing group. Clutter clearing within a group of like-minded people has proven to be an amazing experience for all participants. Working in smaller groups with up to 10 participants boosts motivation, reduces the sense of being in it alone and delivers lasting results.

This online course is for female professionals who like to stop the yo yo effect of their decluttering efforts and want to get back on track with their life. There are more important things to do in life than feeling guilty about unfinished projects and clutter.

Next Program is starting on August 6th 2024

Tidy Up Tuesdays 10 – 11 am PT


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