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A Soul For Your Home –
A Home For Your Soul

I am working at the interface where physical space and spirituality meet. Our consciousness rests on the external, physical space around us. Our homes become an extension of our consciousness, our inner space. Since we #WFH and spend much more time in our homes, a vibrant and clear space is crucial for our well-being.

Are you lacking clarity? Does your house not feel like home?

Are you struggling to connect with your highest potential?

Clarifying and consecrating the physical space around you increases the energetic vibration of your home. This allows your consciousness to rest on an energetically clear and vibrant space to enhance your clarity and unfold your highest potential while working from home and anything else you do in your home, too.


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  Tidy Up Tuesdays


Every Tuesday in August for a strong autumn booster

Unfinished projects are a big burden – especially after you have moved home or want to create a harmonious home to boost the last part of 2024. If left unattended unfinished business can turn into a stressor that sabotages the success potential for the rest of the year.

Come August, summer will almost be over and day to day life will set in yet again.
How many loose ends have been shooved under the carpet and avoided?
With hands full of stuff in some cases it’s been there for years, it is hard to attract more promising opportunities.
Isn’t it is so exhausting and tiring to play catch up all the tim? Even if stuff is stashed away in a box, the unfinished business is still weighing on your subconscious and can provoke emotions of guilt, shame and low self-esteem.

Most common unfinished projects are piles of paperwork, boxes needing to be unpacked from the last move, overcrowded catch-all spaces such as garages, basements and guest rooms. Last but not least pending decisions that put everything on hold.

What is your unfinished project?

The sooner we deal with anything unfinished and can let it go for good, the sooner you will experience flow and joy in your life. No-one wants to play catch up for the rest of the year with the holidays being only 100 days away!


What Tidy Up Tuesday is

Tidy Up Tuesday is a small clutter clearing group. Clutter clearing within a group of like-minded people has proven to be amazing.
Working in smaller groups with up to 10 participants boosts motivation, reduces the sense of being alone and delivers lasting results.

What you can expect

A group format offers increased support, strong motivation and accountability. You are not alone.
Staying connected in our private WhatsApp Group creates support day in and day out for the duration of this group.
Learn systems and strategies from clutter clearing expert Annette working with clients for over 15 years.
Success is multiplied when witnessed and celebrated within a group. The momentum is unstoppable!

Summed Up

– Weekly 1 hr Group Sessions on Zoom 

– Private WhatsApp Group

– Ongoing motivation within group

– 24/7 support from Clutter Clearing Expert

Fee $297.-

Dates and Times August 2024

Tuesdays on August 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th.

Tuesday mornings 10am – 11am PT.

I look forward to seeing you – it’s never too late to tidy up!



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