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It’s a new built home and the family has just moved in 3 months ago.

The child’s bedroom was peaceful, quiet and full of light. There was plenty of space for toys and a place to play. When I space clear a home to bring energetic alignment into the home, I first go along the inner perimeter of the space and sense the energy flow in the home to discover any room that might be out of balance.

The moment I entered the boy’s room, I noticed something wasn’t flowing well. Passing by his bed I could sense the boy wasn’t sleeping well at all. His mom Brittany confirmed: “No, my son isn’t sleeping well since we moved to this new home a couple of months ago”. It doesn’t take a long stretch of imagination to picture what a continued lack of sleep mean for this child’s health, development and personality. Brittany was worried.

I looked around the room to find a more quiet and sheltered place for the bed to support this child’s sleep. And I found it. The happy end is that Brittany and her husband rearranged the room immediately. Their son loves his room so much and yes, he is sleeping so so well since! I am so pleased! But the story doesn’t end here.

What was it like for Brittany to decide where to place the furniture in her son’s bedroom?

When I pointed out the best position for the bed from an energetic perspective, Brittany replied like a bolt out of the blue “I was first thinking about that, too!” I am not surprised. In fact, I hear it often from my clients. They have an instant inner feeling and then … decide otherwise.

Why did she decide otherwise? When she finally got her home, so much was going on, she simply couldn’t decide where to place the bed. She got stuck between her intuition and the model home’s suggestion. The one felt right inside, the other one was suggested by the New Home Builder and simply looked great.

And then, she forgot about the intuition. Can you relate? It can be just like a fleeting thought and with all that is going on in our lives it is often hard to even notice it. Although the instant of this particular insight, the immediate cognition might be lost, the good news is, we are able to be more attuned to our intuition. Our homes are a perfect mirror for how well we are in the flow.

In my book Harmonize Your Home you find easy to follow tips how to set up your #wfh space to enhance flow in your home. When the energy in our home flows, we feel energized and it is so much easier to embrace our intuition, too. 


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