Workshop: Spring Clear Your Closet

Spring is here!

A wonderful time for renewal and rejuvenation.

When everything around us is growing and nature is turning into this fresh, young green our whole environment feels alive. The Spring season is associated with the liver. Traditionally it is governed by the wood element. Wood represents East, the color green and the organ liver. The emotion associated with wood is anger.

Now is a good time to detox the liver, reset and refresh. Find a simple detox to freshen up the Qi flow in your body:

  • Eat more greens
  • Drink fresh spring water
  • Stretch your body to help release those toxins
  • Cut down on sugar, caffeine and alcohol

Emotional detox

Beside the physical detox it is also appropriate to release any anger that we are holding onto. Anger that is held in and not released and processed creates stagnant liver Qi. What would you like to refresh and release?

Those who know me are aware that I am not a picture perfect person and I shared with my VIP group this month that one of the most exhilarating clutter clearing sprees I had in my life were those where I was releasing anger.

I have hit a wall of frustration that I was unable to break through. Tremendous anger has built up inside of me as a result. I carried so much anger and frustration around with me that I almost exploded. Too much keeping quiet, hush hush, swallowing it down, bending my own truth, looking nice and all smiles and too little airing occasions or emotional hygiene. To a point where I felt I am walking on egg-shells around myself and I am going to explode. Can you relate?

And I did. Boom!

I had enough.

Anger is so stigmatized, it is bad, not good, ugly, violent, embarrassing, needs to be managed, not suitable for well-behaved people, better not expressed in front of other people…what else can you think of?

I sweared, I screamed, I cried, I got furious. I allowed myself to feel ALL of it, in the privacy of my own space.

Unapologetically. Raw. Real. My body was shaking as a result. My skin was on fire and I felt like one big fireball.

I allowed all this anger to surface, to break down the barrier of the well put together person on the surface and got in touch with all this bottled up anger. Which became this huge amount of energy and I put it to good use. I kick started a decluttering quickie. If you’d seen me you would have noticed a blizzard blazing through my home. Everything that didn’t stand the truth of being real got culled. No compromises, no half-hearted stuff, half-ass s*&t.

In less than 30 minutes and six big bags later my space felt clear, fresh and energized. (Yes, I recycled, donated and released responsibly after I stuffed the bags).

How did I feel? I never felt so clear, empowered, liberated, and refreshed. Like newborn. And alive. I released all that anger and in return my home got energized and uplifted. It was absolutely awakening.

When we stuff down our anger, our life doesn’t flow well. It can harm us and it can literally make us sick. When we acknowledge our anger as a source of energy within ourselves and release it to break through blockages and frustrations, magic starts to happen.


Are You Inspired?

Join me for this free & fun event “Spring Clear Your Closet” the most unconventional way to spring clear your closet and kick-start your spring cleaning this year.


Thursday, April 8th @9am Pacific.

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Workshop Spring Clear Your Closet









  1. Cindy Davies-Hau

    I would love to join you!

    • Annette Kurtz

      Just follow the link to register – love to have you join Cindy!

  2. Ona Malosky

    I can’t wait to be apart of your workshops Annette!!! ♥️


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