The Depth of Winter

Rebirth of the Sun

The time of winter in Traditional Chinese Medicine is governed by the water element: deep, black and dark blue. It is a time that invites us to deeply rest, reset and use the dark nights of winter to replenish and strengthen our kidney energy. The energy of our kidney is essential for our Qi, our life force and the seat of our spiritual fire. Using this naturally more silent and reflective time is not just preserving our energy resources but ultimately strengthening it.

Rebirth of the Sun

The phases of the natural breathing cycle are breathing in, holding the breath, breathing out followed by a dead time. Winter is representing the deadtime. Before we breathe in again. Astronomically, it is the time of the winter solstice where the sun appears the lowest in the sky. In many cultures it is celebrated as the rebirth of the Sun, when the powers of Nature and our own souls are renewed. This rebirth allows us to reflect deeply and acknowledge what has made us a better human during the course of the year and what is the old skin of 2022 we can shed. The time for this year’s winter solstice is Dec 21st 2022 at 1:48pm PT.

The days are shorter and the nights are longer. Yes, getting some extra sleep in during this wintery season is not only a healthy choice but exponentially more restorative than an extra hour of sleep during the summertime. That’s because Mother Nature is lending us a hand for deeper, darker and quieter nights right now. As the night cycle is longer we in return can extend our sleep with ease.

Winter is a great teacher

It’s the time where much of Nature is hibernating, turning inward or inside. Chiming in with the flow of Nature is a wise choice to strengthen and deeply restore our energy resources so we are fit and strong for our next adventures when Spring knocks onto our doors in 2023. By quietening down in synch with Nature, we are turning our focus inward, become more silent and this allows us to listen what is happening inside. It’s a wonderful way to get in touch with our deep inner knowing.

Restorative winter practices

What I like to do during the depth of winter to nourish my energy:

  • the hibernating motion of Nature furthers involution, its a good time to meditate
  • the ear is the sense organ of the winter season. I like to practice noise hygiene by reducing noise around me and within me. This helps me to refresh my sense of hearing and clairaudient perception
  • the dark nights invite for deep, longer sleep which is so restorative and very healing, I retire for the night earlier
  • I retreat from my frequent travels for space clearings. I slow my pace, stay grounded and enjoy the pristine beauty of nature in its winter costume
  • celebrating the winter solstice for deep reflections

I hope you are able to harness the beauty and silence of the winter months to enjoy a moment of deep inner peace, a look at the dark night sky and canopy of twinkling stars, watching snowflakes dancing through pristine pine forests and a refreshing walk through the magic of winter wonderland.


Wishing you happy holidays and many blessings for 2023.

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