Year of the Dragon


Energetic Shift

We are ushering in the year of the Dragon on February 10th this year. The beginning of the lunar new year brings about a fundamental shift in energy. We are moving from the energy of the rabbit into the energy of the dragon. This is a significant event for anyone who believes in Feng Shui and it has been celebrated for thousands of years.

Over 2 billion people around the globe celebrate this event and it is energetically palpable in our global atmosphere. Even if you don’t know or apply Feng Shui principles in your life, there is some beauty and wisdom for you to observe, too.

Feng Shui Lifestyle

My own journey with Feng Shui began when I moved to Asia in 1999. When it came to looking for a place to live in particular things were pointed out to be good Feng Shui or bad Feng Shui. Some aspects were obvious, some were more hidden. I started to understand that it wasn’t just the home that made for good Feng Shui it was rather a metaphysical art and looking at life in a holistic way.
Uber simplified it is who you are, where you are and what brings you good luck. The location of your home, the surrounding shapes that form the energy flow coming at you, the compass direction and color of your front door, what color of car you drive, down to the meaning of your number plate! This extends into your birth chart and tells you if it is better for you to eat warming or cooling food and when to expect good or bad stars crossing your universe.


I learned a lot from my Singaporean friends and soaked up everything of this metaphysical art I could get my hands on. You would often find me at Kinokuniya bookstore in Takashimaya department store on Orchard Road buying copious amounts of books. I started to immerse myself in everything from eating healing foods based on the five elements to applying acupressure to alleviate ailments and throwing the I Ching coins to seek guidance.
I was studying the four pillars of destiny to understand my own character flaws and traits, my destiny and Feng Shui, the art of placement for beneficial flow and harmony in my home. This included many case studies how the location and architecture of buildings formed the fortune of business empires. My journey of self-discovery ultimately inspired me to become a space clearer with Karen Kingston.

What’s in store?

Back to 2024 and the Chinese zodiac sign of the dragon. It is one of four earth signs and this year it is accompanied by the wood element. Hence it is called the green wood dragon. The dragon symbolizes strength and nobility. Did you know that many families aim to have an offspring in the year of the Dragon believing it increases the luck for the child? Personally, it takes an in-depth reading of your Chinese astrology chart to know how exactly the dragon energy of yang earth and yang wood will influence your year.
A good question to ask is how can you use the yang wood and yang earth arriving this year to create a year of success and harmony? Every January I study my chart to understand what dynamics the new elements will bring and look for the greatest opportunities.

Good chi with space clearing

Most importantly, I space clear my home, resetting and revitalizing the qi flow, to welcome this new energy. 2023 has been demanding on many and who isn’t ready to bring in some strength and nobility into one’s life?
A great way to prepare for a space clearing, whether you do it yourself or call in a professional space clearer, is to tidy up loose ends first.
Check out my online course Tidy Up Tuesdays starting Feb 6th if you feel called to tidy up those loose ends for your good luck in 2024! May the wood and earth element of the Dragon bring growth and abundance to your life!


I am wishing you a very fortunate 2024 Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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