Your Home is Your Castle

Feeling safe again after burglary
Annette space cleared House after Burglary

Dante is a black cat and came to my client 18 years ago on Halloween

They have recently moved to a new home and were enjoying it a lot. Its location, the spaciousness, the light, the layout of the rooms! My client needed to travel for business and hired a cat sitter to care for Dante.

When she returned, she couldn’t believe her eyes, she couldn’t recognize her cat any longer. What happened to Dante?

He was starved and unlike his usual outgoing nature, hiding in the deepest corner of the closet. Even after a successful medication, he was still hiding in the closet – much to my client’s dismay.

As if this weren’t enough, when my client finally had the opportunity to unpack the remaining boxes from her move, she noticed that many of her personal belongings were stolen from her. This shocking realization, the intrusion into her space, the loss of control over her personal belongings and the sickness of her beloved cat turned the joyful experience of the new home into a sheer nightmare. She didn’t sleep well any longer and didn’t feel safe in her own home. She felt as someone was watching her.

She turned to me for help. We space cleared her home to restore the integrity of the space and to remove the energetic violence that had happened to her space. During the consultation, to our joyful surprise, Dante walked out of the closet. He even jumped onto the bed which he hasn’t done since the incident occurred.

My client was writing me the next day that instead of waking up like a zombie she jumped out of bed! Dante is looking much more relaxed and spending more time again on the bed and on her desk, as he used to.

Animal companions are very sensitive to the space; they notice even the most subtle changes. Space clearing is a very effective way to restore the integrity of a home, when your space has been compromised or you feel watched. I am so grateful I could make a difference!