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Interview with Katey Roshetko about my bestselling book "Harmonize Your Home"
Annette Kurtz seen on TV  –  March 23rd,  2022        WATCH HERE ON KOLO 8

Harmonizing Your Home is a fun adventure!

It is such an honor to be recognized as a local business on TV

  • Harmonizing our homes creates positive ripple effects not just in our homes, with our spouse and families but also in our neighborhoods and communities. Creating harmony brings peace. Let’s get started!
  • Why did I never use the word “clutter” in my bestselling book? Clutter is stuck energy, it is heavy and often represents blockages on a physical, emotional and mental level. With all the demands of life, many clients are already overwhelmed and feel stressed about their stuff. Using the word “clutter” makes them feel even more stressed, judged and called out. I love to take my clients onto an adventurous journey through their homes that is fun and empowering.
  • By harmonizing your home you have an opportunity to integrate the energy of your surroundings, energize your home, create abundant flow in your home and feel uplifted and inspired.

Whether you pick one of your favorite tips randomly from my book or read it from tip 1 to tip 52 you sure will feel uplifted, energized and empowered. Every tip can have an energizing effect on you and your entire home. In the 4th chapter of the book, Setting Up For Success, you will find eight great tips specifically designed to set up your work from home space or home office to be successful while working from home. You can set your success in motion by downloading your free Harmonize Your Home Success Bonus here.

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