Every Homebuyer's Challenge

Why Space Clearing makes all the difference after relocating and moving home: 

My client is a real estate buyer and has moved from Mediterranean Los Angeles to the humid, subtropical Dallas and she has found a beautiful, light-filled home with a floor plan she absolutely loves.

She contacted me shortly after moving home to space clear her home for new beginnings, but life happened after relocating. Four years later she feels very stuck in her home in Dallas.

When sensing a home at the beginning of the consultation, I perceive what is currently going on in the home and what has happened previously. I am looking for energetic imprints to detect disruptions and blockages to the energy flow of the home, which adversely affect my clients. When a health-related issue is highlighted in the home, I am often perceiving it in the respective area of my body. The moment I stepped into this house I felt a sharp pain in my gastro-intestinal tract which I knew to discern as not to be mine. 

Why is Feng Shui Flow important for renters and home buyers alike? 

By leaving the mark of one’s energy body behind. These energetic imprints are of non-physical nature and can turn into huge blockages and challenges for the new real estate buyer, renters and home owners alike. How so? During years of resonance between the home and the occupants, these energetic imprints have become part of the very fabric of the energy field of this home. To what degree these imprints manifest and remain in the energy field of the home depends on the energetic awareness of the occupants, the location of the home and other Feng Shui factors.

Energy resonates with energy and the energetic environment is molding itself onto the energy body of the new real estate buyer and occupant, who is totally in the unknown and unprepared. In this case, you can picture all the old messages of the home’s energy field playing the endless tune “gastro-intestinal issue” (plus everything else that has happened in the home over the years) into the energy body of the new owner, who receives those tunes rather unconsciously.

Taking on baggage someone left behind when moving home

My client lives a conscious and healthy lifestyle and has no gastro-intestinal issues, never had. Although the home owner suffering from these gastro-intestinal issues is no longer physically present since they have moved out, the energetic imprint of the gastro-intestinal condition was left behind and is still present in the energy field of the home. It is silently disrupting and sabotaging all the time, effort, and money my client invests into herself to feel good and be healthy after buying real estate.

How did it impact my client? When I tell you it manifested in a stomach / metabolic related issue, are you surprised? All her life my client has been a slender frame, until she moved into this home. She suffered a drastic weight gain of over 50 pounds and experiences inexplicable sluggishness weighing her down since her move in!!

The effect of clearing energy fields

The good news is all energetic imprints were cleared during the space clearing ceremony. The energy field of the whole house has been changed throughout the process, it is now fresh and crystal clear. It was clarified, energized, and revitalized. And even more, it is now in alignment with my client’s Higher Self and is tailored to her goals and aspiration. The healthy and energetic boundaries of her home make her feel safe, too.

She ecstatically exclaims: “My house has slimmed down! I can breathe! All is integrated into my energy field now!”

Will the weight go away all by itself? Ah we wish! I don’t have the magic pill for that! Since her home has “slimmed down” her energy body is now resonating with a clear and vibrant energy field full of light. It will be so much easier for her to drop the pounds as the reason for the sluggishness silently sabotaging her efforts has been removed.

Are you a recent home buyer and have you recently moved home or relocated?

Do you experience any drastic, strange changes that impact your life, your mood or your well-being since you have moved to a new home? Don’t wait in pain, be in touch. I am happy to hear from you.

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  1. Pauline Pohlin Low

    Very Interesting Article, Annette. Looking forward to seeing you end of February. Pauline


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