Beyond the Veil

Space Clearing after death

Beyond The Veil

Space Clearing after Death

September 13th, 2021

A client has just acquired an exquisite two-bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She has her main residence on Long Island and wants to set up a sanctuary in the Big Apple and eventually spend her retirement in the City. The new apartment is located on the ninth floor of an 11-story building; it is tranquil and suffused with light. She has plans to completely modernize this home so it will match her needs and taste.

The previous owner had lived in this apartment for decades. At a grand high old age he passed on – in his home, which has now become her home.

How does it make you feel knowing someone has taken their last breath in your soon-to-be bedroom?

Birth and Death are part of life. Yet, not everybody is comfortable with the fact that someone passed on in their bedroom. In Asia, for example, people do not like to buy real estate or move into an apartment where there has previously been a death no matter what the reason.

When I visited my client to space clear, she described the following sensations upon entering the master bedroom:
She experiences sudden difficulties in breathing, she starts to feel claustrophobic, it gives her goose bumps all over her body, she is unable to think clearly, and she cannot move forward making plans for her renovations. As part of the space clearing ceremony, I energy sense the apartment and clearly perceive the location of the previous owner’s death and the struggle he experienced in the last moments of his life before finally passing on.

As though the spirit of the previous owner still lives on in this place.

His way of living, his daily routines and habits, his body of thoughts, yes, even the zeitgeist of his era were still present in this otherwise empty apartment. This is not an uncommon phenomenon. Have you ever experienced something like this when visiting a place where people have just moved out? I have had this experience on several house viewing occasions on my search for a home. Something of the previous occupants is still lingering in the air – and it is not their perfume.
We are talking about energetic imprints which were left behind and are of a non-physical nature. It gives you a good impression how those people, strangers even, lived their lives. Were they happy or sad, thriving or unsuccessful, loving or careless? It is that “something” that you perceive in the energetic field of a place regardless of its location, its Feng Shui, the floor plan, or its real estate value.

Space Clearing proved beneficial for my client on several accounts:

– Energetic imprints of the previous owner were cleared
– The shock of death was replaced by a deep sense of peace and gratitude
– Being able to enter the master bedroom without restrictions
– Instantly feeling at home
– Sense of owning her apartment
– Smooth teamwork with architect and contractors during the renovations

My client has finished the renovations and just moved in and asked me to space clear her home again. A perfect opportunity to remove imprints left behind by anybody working in that place. The apartment has turned out as the beautiful jewel she was hoping for, physically and energetically. Now is the time to make plans and set intentions for the new phase of her life.

Congratulations on a happy home!

Annette script


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